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5 Superfoods You Need To Try This Spring

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Since spring has arrived and summer is approaching the pressure about how we look in our bikini is on. This is the ideal timing for you to start eating healthier and better! This is also the time of the year when most of you are determined to make a change and promote a healthy lifestyle, so stop making excuses and get inspired to become the better version of yourself we know you can be! We’re helping you make your summer meal plan. Not only are the foods we suggest super healthy and rich with beneficial ingredients for your body and health but they’re also delicious, ripe and easy to find. Add them to your spring diet as quick as possible and it’s guaranteed you’ll experience change and be more satisfied with how you feel and look! As soon as the results kick in everyone’s gonna be asking about your new diet plan!


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This fermented tea beverage it’s not only ultra refreshing but most importantly it has been linked to stimulate the immune system, improve digestion as well as liver function. It’s growing popularity has moved it from a rare health food story staple to lining the shelf at most corner delis along side Diet Cokes. We suggest opting for it, not the caffeine and sugar-laden DC for an ideal afternoon pick-me-up!


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You might not be used to think of it in this connotation and although you probably think of it as a topical skin soother aloe vera juice has cleaning properties that aid the digestion process, and as if that weren’t enough it also lowers sugar levels. Pick up a bottle and pour it into your morning smoothie to help give an all-green mix for a sweeter, and easier to swallow taste!


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This molecule is extremely important as it is responsible for the green color in plants but it’s also crucial for our blood health, as it helps our body produce red blood cells and regulates oxygen flow. You can typically  find it in dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, Swiss chard and arugula or buy it in liquid form to make an alcohol-free chlorophyll cocktail, you can mix it with seltzer and add some fresh fruit and get a yummy juice or smoothie!


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Although they weer once used only to garnish fancy dishes at top notch restaurants, these tiny vegetable greens, which are really high in vital nutrients including vitamins K, C, E, lutein and bea-carotene, as well as important for skin and eye health are now in the meal spotlight. Use this extraordinary revelation instead of lettuce for your salads and have an extra health boost to your meal!


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This vegetable is not only extremely tasty but arugula is in season from spring to early summer months and contains about eight times the amount of calcium, five times the amount of vitamin A, C, and K and four times the amount of iron compared to traditional iceberg lettuce which makes it an absolute must in you daily food menu!