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6 Easy Tricks And Tips On How To Relax While Working

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We are all aware how stressful work can be, that’s why we decided to make a research on how to make less painful and more pleasant each day.  What to do when you feel constantly tense on your work? You feel like you have zero time and too many commitments, living in high gear isn’t easy. If you’re under pressure, sure a day at the beach or at your favorite spa retreat will cure anything, but most of the time the desired holiday you deserve is long over due. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the simplest and most effective things you can do yourself in order to prevent and decrease the level of stress that’s inevitable in each working day. All the way from tea to special breathing techniques, we’ve got everything covered so that you deal with any stress easier!

Green Tea To The Rescue

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We assume you’re already aware of the many benefits drinking green tea can bring you, but this is a new one – green tea is rich on an ingredient called tannin, which is proved to reduce the level of rage or anger. So next time you feel frustrated and dissatisfied, instead of taking it out on some of your fellow workers, it would be best if you take a trip to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of green tea! This way you’ll not only get a refreshment which is always necessary but you’ll also calm yourself and prevent causing a scene!


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Do you know that Chocolate is always a good decision when your feelings are taking the best of you? Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you need to break your diet, only a bar of chocolate in a difficult moment can make a huge difference! It contains ingredients that control and regulate hormone cortisol, which is the one responsable for the level of stress you experience! That’s why we absolutely advise keeping dark chocolate in your desk drawer at all times!


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One tea spoon of honey is also a great alternative for getting a sweet treat when you’re feeling down! It’s not only extra healthy, but also it’s always a good idea to reduce stress by eating something sweet. Honey is a well know antibiotic and it also influences the brain cells in a way that helps fight anxiety and stress!


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The best and maybe most efficient way you can control your emotions by yourself is definitely by meditation. It’s really not anything complicated or something that requires certain skills. Contrary to many atmospheres associated with meditating you don’t have to be in a super spiritual surroundings in order to make it happen! All you need to do is encounter a quiet and peaceful corner in your work place and concentrate on your breathing, close your eyes and feel the anxiety disappearing and your body relaxing! Studies have shown that even short daily meditation can reduce the level of stress and depression!


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The key to making your work more dynamic as well as interesting is having a positive attitude and the ability to be creative and visualize things that make you happy. This simple mind techniques, experts guarantee help in feeling more fulfilled and happy in general. For an example, you’re waiting an important client and then the door rings – imagine it’s the handsome Ryan Gosling or the cool Jennifer Lawrence and you’ll be full of enthusiasm and energy when you welcome the person you’re supposed to met. This little harmless mind trips life coaches insist you implement in your daily life especially in situations you’re not thrilled about!

Finger Massage

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Massage is certainly the best way to release pressure. Although you most probably don’t have a professional masseuse at your work, you can try and do the work yourself. Try massaging your neck, shoulders and most importantly and the most appropriate massage you can do while on your desk is to your hands and fingers. Here there are spots that are connected with the nerve system and this way you’ll get rid of tons of your undesired stress!