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DIY Beauty Tricks With Vaseline

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Vaseline also known as the best dry-skin healer can be used in surprising and totally genius new ways, we’re here to share ideas with you! Sometimes your regular skin care routine just doesn’t cut it and your skin is dry, dull and rough, it can even crop up in winter, and it needs something extra in order to get soft and healthy-looking again. Shake up your beauty regimens and rethink the way you use Vaseline Jelly, a true wonder product that deeply moisturizes and heals dry skin. There are quite a few ways to use this amazing inexpensive product. From a rich overnight treatment that locks in moisture to a hydrating exfoliating scrub, Vaseline Jelly  can be used in more ways than you can imagine. Prepare to discover few totally DIY beauty treatments!

Get Glowing Skin

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Using Vaseline on your face looks literally better than having eight hours of sleep! This little tub can solve a multitude of dilemmas. You can use it to help prevent dry skin and diaper rash on sensitive areas. You will absolutely love how soft your skin will feel after rubbing it on  hands and feet and leaving gloves or socks on overnight. One of our favorite uses of the magical Vaseline is surely in make up – dab it on after applying cream blush to get some super glowing cheeks., you can also lightly dab it on over foundation for a gorgeous, dewy complexion!

Softness Post – Shaving

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The amazing Vaseline will be your favorite cure to apply after you’ve shaved your legs. Vaseline Jelly lends softness post-shaving  and will be something you won’t be able to imagine your shave without ! Once you’ve tried it, for sure it’s going to become a must in your medicine chest. Use it on your knees and elbows to keep them from being dry. After shaving  legs, it soothes better than any lotion you’ve previously used. Always have a tub of Vaseline in your home – it won’t ever let you down!

Beauty Benefits

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Surely you’re aware that Vaseline has many uses and it can be used to help with nearly every skin issue you might experience. Just slather some on your lips before bed and be amazed when you’ll wake up with beautiful, soft lips – everyone will be tempted to kiss ! Some new uses of Vaseline you might not be familiar with is using it as a makeup remover – as it t removes mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow easily. Also use it for reducing the look of fine lines under your eyes!

Perfect Manicure

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The cuticles are no longer a problem if you regularly include Vaseline in your manicure and massage into nails and cuticles! If you use it as a foot treatment overnight, it will leave feet super soft and smooth. Apply Vaseline to the edge of the nail before applying nail polish and the polish will not stick to the skin saving you tons of precious time over cleaning up the possible mess and still getting a perfect manicure! Great product all around, with many uses!

  • MrsRaven

    Vaseline is one of the worst products you can put on your skin! It’s a gasoline by product and it’s molecular structure is so large it can’t be absorbed into the skin so it just sits on top and suffocates the skin preventing it for preformong it’s natural respiration function which causes premature aging! Coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil is a far better choice and can be used in any of the suggestions above!