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Overcoming The 4 Excuses That Keep You From Exercising

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There really are tons of excuses you can manage to think of so that you don’t do any type of physical activity! We’re familiar with all of them – that’s why we’re determined to make you overcome them and become your better self! It would be perfectly logical if we all exercised regularly. For sure we’re aware of how good it is for us right? Muscles are getting stronger, pounds are dropping, the body gets a nicer silhouette, and it all affects our attitude towards life, making us more pleased with ourselves and happy in general! Everyone who has ever avoided  exercising has a “rational” excuse for it. Imagine what you could achieve if only you were to overcome that silly reason that’s stopping you. You too could be one of those persons that actually appreciate making an effort to do some exercise. So what’s you’re excuse? We’re here to solve the most common excuses of all time!

I Hate Working Out

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This is for all of those that get tired of only the thought of going to the gym. You think it’s boring, it hurts and you’re shy to do it. Boredom isn’t an excuse, we guarantee you will learn to love it with time. If you want to have a nice body, you have to work for it and make an effort. It really does acquire some big changes in your lifestyle, but you’ll never regret making them. Resistance lasts a short period of time in the beginning, however the benefit you’ll have can last for a lifetime.  To make it easier try finding someone you can train with. If you have someone telling you constantly what you need to do, it would be harder to ignore it. Join a group or even better, try a personal trainer to get you motivated and built in a habit to do some exercise! Make goals and once you achieve them move on, this will make you motivated!

I Have No Time

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This is for all of you who feel they work really hard and have demanding jobs that result in making time for physical activity nearly impossible. If you have time to watch your favorite TV-show or read the papers, you certainly have time to exercise as well.  Even if you really can’t accomplish doing much, it’s better to at least do something. Start as simple as using the stairs instead of the elevator. If you insist you have no time to visit the gym,  you can always do some work at home. Get a fitness DVD or an online working out routine. It shouldn’t take you more then 10 seconds to get you started. There are really short cardio programs that we’re sure you’ll manage to put in your schedule!

No Matter What I Do, There’s No Improvement

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This is for those of you who have started to work out but feel like there aren’t any results. Don’t read a book while going on the bicycle in the gym, no matter how long you do it if you’re not feeling resistance and you don’t put some effort in it you won’t see results either. Just being present or going to the gym is not enough. If you don’t feel any pressure that means you’re not working out hard enough. Make sure the routine your doing is demanding enough, not as much so that you risk injuring yourself but enough to feel slightly exhausted afterwards. Don’t stop once you reach one level, always push your boundaries and the intensity of the work out. The results aren’t only influenced by the exercise you do, but from the food you consume, stress, sleep you get and other circumstances as well.

You Start With Lots Of Enthusiasm, But Lose It Quickly

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This is for all of those who really, really want to work out regularly, but after a week or two lose interest in it. If you miss one training or jeopardize you diet, do not get discouraged easily and then give up. You must be aware that from getting back on track is only that one meal you had and nothing else. Acknowledge what you’ve accomplished so far and give yourself some praise for it, keep in mind the rewards you’ll be getting in a few months or a year. When you start something new always make a schedule and stick to it, make reasonable goals for starters, do not aim to high to soon so you don’t get disappointed! Don’t compare yourself to others – it’s always frustrating and can only lead to sabotage! Be happy about every training that follows because you’re doing something good for you and will certainly give results in time! Be aware that it will all pay off eventually!