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Switch Your Hairstyle From Day To Night In 5 Minutes

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With the dynamic of the 21th century  we’ve all become too busy, having basically no time for ourselves. It requires organization, effort and shortage of sleep to even get ready once during the day, not to mention if we need to do it twice -it’s nearly impossible. Between making it to work right on time and having a cocktail afterwards with your girlfriends plus juggling all the other daily activities you’re only left with a few minutes to get ready and still everyone’s expecting for you to look fabulous.  With out tips you’ll be able to change your whole appearance in a short period of time as well as teach yourself how to upgrade your hairstyle from day to night following some really basic and easy steps! You’ll get on time at your appointments and still arrive looking fierce!

 Day Look Option No.1  (Braided Side Part Hairstyle)

We are all aware that braided hairstyles have been a huge deal over the past year or so. That’s why we’ve decided to find our inspiration in braids, they’re really easy and fast to style as well. The day alternative would be a Braided Side Part Hairstyle. This side parted, braided crown is really cute and frames the face beautifully, plus you’ll have 20 minutes extra in bed at the morning because this is ultra easy to achieve!

Photo credit to site.voguewigs.com

How to get the Look:

You want to start with a freshly blown-dried hair, if you want some added volume and texture style your hair with a round bristle brush and use a thickening finishing hair spray to set the look and make it last longer. Create a deep side part and separate a one inch section of the hair from the part, from the area closest to the hairline. Braid this section and secure it behind the ear with a bobby pin. If you want some waves use your curling iron, just be sure to make them floppy and spontaneous looking!

Night Look Option No.1 (Braid Leading into Bun)

This look is created by bringing the original braid you’ve been wearing the whole day back into a loose, messy bun for an added romantic element. This is a very popular trend that;s been celebrities favorite for some time now. It’s time for you to try it out as well and you’’ll fall in love with it for sure!

Photo credit to pinterest.com

How to get the Look:

Begin with spraying the roots of your hair with some spray that provides extra texture. Brush your hair back so that the whole braid is exposed and visible and then gently tease the roots with a finger toothed comb. Next gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a discrete scrunchie. Spray the ponytail as well and backcomb the length of the ponytail. Finish with coiling the ponytail in a bun and securing it with several bobby pins!

Day Look Option No.2 ( Loose Waves Accessorized With a Head Band )

Head bands are one of the most versatile hair accessorize there is! Plus they’ve really made a strong comeback in the fashion industry, everyone has been rocking a headband, if you still haven’t tried this amazing trend here’s your chance! Headbands can easily be extra relaxed and casual during the day and ultra glam for a night out! The fashionable way to wear a headband these days is just like an accessory appose to as a utility, which means don’t use it to hold your hair but  rather think of it as a crown!

Photo credit to marieclaire.com

How to get the Look:

Begin doing your hairstyle by prepping dry hair with a styling spray to add texture and provide protection from the heat styling tools you’ll be using in order to achieve this look. Comb the hair into a middle part and separate the hair into four sections. Then proceed by curling each section with a one inch curling wand and spray hair spray each time you curl. For a more undone, relaxed finish soften the curls by running your fingers through the hair! Finish by crowning your head with a stylish embellished headband!

Night Look Option No.2 ( Volumized Chignon with Headband)

This Hairstyle just screams diva and is really glamorous as well as very fashion-forward. It’s the best choice you can make for a fancy cocktail party or a date, we guarantee you’ll be the envy of the crowd!

Photo credit to blog.bridea.co.uk

How to get the Look:

First of all begin this style by changing your middle part into a deep side part and place the headband at the crown of your head. Then, quickly brush through the curls you’ve already created for your day look and you’ll get a softer, old Hollywood texture and appeal to your hair. Spray volumizing spray and gently backcomb the roots. Gather the whole hair to one side and crate a ponytail at the base of the neck, placing it really low. Finally, create a messy, loose bun with the length of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins!

Day Look Option No.3 ( Pin Straight Center Part )

This might one of the oldest hairstyles but yet it never gets out of style and is ultra classy and sophisticated. It’s really easy to achieve but the key to how good and polished it will look is the amount of time you’re willing to spend perfecting it. This sleek and straight style is perfect for a day-date or for the office.

photo credit to harpersbazaar.com

How to get the Look:

Begin with the hair wet and apply serum to fight the frizz. Blow dry the hair until it’s completely dry and the using a fine tooth comb. Then part your hair at the middle of your head and create a fine straight center part. Divide the hair into several sections this way you’ll straighten it better. Then start going through the hair with the flat iron. Before you do this be sure to spray your hair with a heat protector so you don’t damage it. For a better result at the end add a dime-sized amount of serum  to the length of the hair for that amazing shine!

Night Look Option No.3 ( Sleek, Slicked Pack Ponytail )

This is a very elegant choice for an evening out. For an extra dose of sex-appeal you definitely need to pull your hair back in a low pony. High ponytails are definitely over but a low one will look sexy and chic at the same time!

Photo credit to fashionising.com

How to get the Look:

Begin by brushing your hair flat-ironed hair back and creating a tight ponytail at the crown, then secure it strongly with a scrunchie.  Take your time in perfectly slicking your hair for a more refined look. Don’t forget to cover the scrunchie with a piece of hair from the length of the ponytail and wrap it around it, then secure it with a bobby pin, but make it sure it’s invisible. Smooth any flyways with pomade and hairspray!