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Top Spring Statement Trends

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It’s all about making a strong statement this spring season and following summer, you’re absolutely expected to leave a memorable impact! Make a statement without saying a word this season in spring’s loudest trends that do all the talking for you and make you look like an interesting and creative person . Whether you choose a quintessential crop top or go the in-your-face route with art pop inspired pieces, spring clothing is totally transformative. Let yourself be heard in slogan sweaters, or take charge in champion gladiator belts—either way there is something for every personality!  See all there is to offer this season through the best selection we’ve made especially for you! Get you style on point! 


Photo credit to fashionising.com

Fashion designers through their latest shows have established this season as bursting with street flavour and sportswear styling, it comes as no surprise to see logo tees and shouty slogans hitting the mainstream. However, word to the wise –  leave head-to-toe lettering to billboards and body art, and make sure you don’t get carried away and go overboard!The best way to go is a single, subtle message that whispers good taste and fashion awareness at the moment! Literally wear your thoughts on your sleeve!

Pop Art

Photo credit to thefashionspot.com

Pop art has made a huge impact on the fashion this season with designers drawing their inspirations from the pop art artists and their work! Incorporating art as a print or pattern to your clothing is actually a really fun way to spice up your everyday wardrobe and looks really interesting and refreshing! With this trend is either all or nothing, go all the way or don’t try it out at all! Be bold or go home! Confidence is something absolutely necessary in order to pull it off! It’s not for everybody for sure!

Crop Top

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This must be the sexiest, most seductive trend there has ever been! We’re absolutely grateful for it! Croped tops have never been bigger! They look absolutely amazing underneath a suit , with jeans, leather pant mostly anything! The only advice we have for you in order to wear croped tops right is – make sure your belly is flat and save them for the evening occasions please, it a bit much seeing a half nude girl in the middle of the day!

Megawatt Earrings

Photo credit to thefashionspot.com

As far as accessories are concerned this season earrings are the IT thing that will make your whole look special and complete it in a way you haven’t even imagined! You need to go the most glamorous you can! Glamour to the roof, the bigger the better, chains, stones everything is allowed as long as it’s impressive and stands out!