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Wedding Hairstyles Inspiration

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That special day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl is finally approaching and it’s the occasion you’ll be the absolute star of. You might have been planing this day for years and imagined how your hair, make up and dress will look like, however we absolutely encourage you to see our fabulous hairstyles we’ve carefully selected as the best hair options at the moment for future brides. They’re not only ultra fresh and modern but creative and different from all the ones you’ve been used seeing! Be an original bride that will shine bright at her special wedding day! It’s the most important day of your life and probably the one day you’ll be photographed the most, so it’s only logical you should look the best you can! With our amazing hairstyles we guarantee you’ll achieve just that, prepare to be the most beautiful bride ever and take a look at the following hair options we’ve chosen just for you!

Wavy Hair and Jewels

Photo credit to tomandlorenzo.com

If you’re a more simple and classic kind of girl this is the ideal choice for you, since it’s ultra sophisticated, not over the top and yet has that glam factor provided with the jewels in the hair. It really is a fairy tale hairstyle. Make sure it’s not over done and looks effortless in the manner the hair is styled. This means do not make it too curly, you should go for extra loose, relaxed waves and leave the jewels in the hair be the accent of the whole look!

Elegant, Fashion Forward Updo

Photo credit to elleuk.com

When you think about you hairstyle for the wedding day you should absolutely have on mind that different hair types demand different approach in styling in order to have the best result that will last all throughout the event. If you have fine straight hair that doesn’t hold a style well, it might be best to have your hair up so it lasts the whole day. Try not to go for anything too different to your usual style so you feel comfortable and like yourself. Make sure you don’t regret you choice in the years to come.  Another clever thing you should do is get one of your bridesmaids to have a mini hairspray and some spare pins in their bag in case you need to touch the style up during the day!

Ultimate Sculptured  Waves – Sleek Look

Photo credit to glamour.com

You should really have caution with the preparation of your hair prior the special day, meaning timing is everything – on average, hair will grow half an inch per month so this will be key when deciding on how you want to wear your hair and when to have it cut. If you are having an up-do on the day, day old as opposed to freshly washed hair is best to work with. If you are wearing your hair down then you should  leave it natural and soft, and work with the natural movement of your hair. Don’t wear it too structured or over processed with product as it will get ruined as the day progresses!

Curly at The Bottom, Sleek at The Top

Photo credit to hannahsnote.com

Make sure you think about the dress while choosing your hairstyle for the day. Think about whether you want your hair down, half up, all up, to the side, high or low. If there’s a lot of detail to the top of your dress it will be best to have your hair up to show it off, or if the dress is strapless go for some hair down so you don’t feel too exposed. Remember that the dress should be the main feature of your look and you should work your make up and hairstyle to accentuate the gown you wear!